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Collage/ paperwork: Loosely interwoven (Update 2015-10-22: New photo)

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Untitled. Acrylics, indian ink on various paper types, interwoven, on paper. 2015. 60x45 cm.

This mesh is "loosely knit" (in lack of a better term) so that the background is sometimes visible between the paper stripes. The stripes are not only oriented towards the horizontal/vertical, here they also run diagonally, and some of them even manifest a slight change of direction (eg. an arc in stead of a straight line).

Also, the traditional square (rectangular) appearance of "a painting" has been suspended in favour of irregular border edges. The "surface" is not entirely flat either.

Here, it is mounted on paper (grey frame), for practical reasons. As there are no really good ways to unmount it the mount is now part of the work.

Four regular paintings on paper were destroyed to create this one.

2015.10.09 13:03 in Woven paintings

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