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Worlds Apart


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"Worlds Apart". 2012. Ink, acrylics, permanent marker, coffee on paper, 80x58 cm.

This started out as a technical experiment, involving eg. complete soaking and then tigtly squeezing the paper, compressing it for a week between two wooden boards, using multiple layers of paper, as well as glue, coffee, ink, acrylic paint, a sharp knife, and several types of permanent markers. And then some.

It took some 40 hours spread out across 8 weeks to get there. I have titled it "Worlds Apart".

Click for bigger size. Click for bigger size.
Detail photos. 3 layers. Click to see larger size.

Note: Unfortunately it is a bit unclear from the photo, that some layers are torn apart while others are cut. I guess this has to be experienced firsthand.

2012.10.25 22:50 in Painting

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