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Painting (Collage/Paperwork): A few early state works:

Click for bigger size.
10 x work in progress. Acrylics on specially treated paper. 2016-17. 70x50 cm.

It's been a few months since the article paperwork-intro. The paper sheets shown in that article have now been transformed into this, this, this, and this.

So, it's time to show some early stage "raw materials" again. Of the ten paper sheets shown above, two are collages and the remaining 8 are acrylics on paper. In all cases the paper has been specially treated either before or after painting (or both). This being done in order to change the texture of the paper into a fabric-like -- and partially dissolved -- appearance. Unfortunately this texture does not lend itself well to photography, but some wrinkles, folds, and cracks should at least be visible.

2017.01.26 21:53 in Painting

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