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Two dolmens

Painting / watercolour / study: Two dolmens, painted from imagination

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Untitled (study for a print)
Watercolour. 2019. A3 size

This was painted from imagination, inspired by Kongsøhøv Passage grave aka "Kongstrup Jættestue" (photos).

Please note that this is not a painting of the Kongsøhøv Passage grave, it is merely inspired by it. The stones on this painting does not have the proper number, nor the proper size, nor the proper shape, and neither do they have the proper placement. Also, this landscape is not like the real surroundings of the monument. Last, IRL this passage grave is not doubled, there is only one.

That is... IRL there is actually another dolmen quite close to this passage grave (not pictured here). The other dolmen is the Kong Haralds Dysse, which -- being a dolmen -- is smaller.

2019.08.31 14:38 in Painting

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