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Collage in canvas

Collage: Now with canvas:

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Untitled. Acrylics on canvas, cut up. 2016. 112x47 cm.

The photo is a bit dark. Read on...

Some readers may recognize the remains of this one from November last year.

This painting was made from two separate paintings, painted on slightly different types of canvas. My original intention was to glue the cut up stripes unto paper, but due to fabric variations the two types of canvas reacted differently to the moisture of the glue, resulting in different lengths.

Of course, as they dried up they both regained their original length, but that fact was really useless, as they had to be mounted while the glue (and hence, the canvas) was wet. The solution -- until a better option shows up -- was to use gaffer tape.

2016.02.11 22:46 in Striped paintings

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