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Sakura recollections

Painting/concrete ... with a little iridescence

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"Ghost of Sakura past". Acrylics, iridescent paint, and permanent marker on manipulated non-bleached paper, mounted on heavy structured paper. 2019. 42x30cm.

The iridescence is visible only as your eyes move relative to the painting, hence it is not visible on the photo (it is an effect that can not be photographed).

This is a concrete painting, not expressionist nor impressionist. The "sakura" title was added after the painting was finished: A spectator commented that the finished painting "had japanese colours", and as I do not consider colours to belong to countries this puzzled me at first until I recalled the colours of the prunus serrulata (the cherry tree). In Japan this tree is celebrated each spring as it blooms (late april-early may).

Immediately I recognized that this anonymous spectator had a point. Without even knowing it (and with no intention to do so) I had painted an "impressionist-like" cherry tree/-blossom scene, which could easily envoke all kinds of Japanese associations.

However, if you dislike (or disregard) the "cherry" theme, IMHO this is still a very good concrete painting. It has a good palette, good composition, nice rythm, good spaces and contrasts, etc. Enjoy.

2019.09.14 13:42 in Painting

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