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Quadtych on orange

Painting (puzzle/paperwork/collage):

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Untitled (quadtych). Acrylics on manipulated paper (multiple layers) on paper. 2014. 4x 70x70 cm.

Please read on for the how, and the what...

This was a test hanging, I'm still not convinced that this is the best way to hang them. A big clean well-lit wall is required for hanging experiments, and at the moment I don't have access to a suitable one.

As for the process, first two separate paintings were made; then they were cut into similar patterns and interwoven. The interwoven result painting was then cut up again, so that each part that was either below or above a part from the other painting, was cut out separately. Similar to a jigsaw puzzle. This provided an "upper" and a "lower" part for each intersection of the two initial paintings.

In stead of puzzling the individual parts together into two paintings, each "upper" and "lower" part (two of each) was assembled to the exact same pattern on a separate sheet of specially treated paper (a total of four sheets in variable colour tone, and increasing degrees of decay.)

2015.02.04 23:14 in Painting

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