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Painting/abstract, paraphrase:
Update 2018-10-15: Interesting link added.

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"Horse" (Franz Marc paraphrase). Acrylics on manipulated paper, mounted on paper. 2018. 32x45 cm

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This is a paraphrase over a Franz Marc watercolour/gouache titled "Zwei Pferde, lichtblau" from 1911. I assume that it was a study for a painting or an unfinished work, but then I may be wrong.

The Franz Marc watercolour is very different from this one, it features two horses and is painted in a very different style, using two shades of blue on top of a pencil drawing.

Added: see also the top image on this page from Kazakstan (page and text in Hungarian). I may want to make a version of that one some day, but then it almost looks like I've already done so some centuries ago, in another life.

2018.09.05 19:07 in Painting

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