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Organic Structures, abstract painting

Painting: Just finished this painting today:

Click for bigger size.
"Organic Structures", 2012. Acrylics, oil- and pastel crayons, and ink on paper. 58x81cm.

Click the image to see a larger size photo.

The aim was to get a somewhat "organic feel", plant-like, or "something living" with some depth, and much density - the term "organic structures" was a working title. It's hard to decribe an abstract concept or feeling in words, but as an image it looks like the painting above.

I used acrylic paint, oil crayons, pastel crayons, and ink on paper. So, the painting has a lot of layers, as well as details that may not be visible on the photo.

2012.09.07 00:22 in Painting

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