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Painting: Updated 2016-11-12: New photo

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Untitled. Acrylics on canvas. 2016. 150x100 cm.

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This is a fairly minimalist painting. The photo does not show the surface texture, so it may be slightly misleading.

The canvas was recycled from another painting (not by me). The previous painter had applied a solid layer of paint, and even made scratch marks in it. Some of these I've accentuated, others I've toned down. Oh, and of course the paint that I applied was exclusively remains recycled from palettes used by other artists.

Not being able to freely choose colour, canvas format, canvas size, or canvas surface texture is a challenge. These types of challenges, I like. I even added to the complexity by not using a brush. Paint was applied using a short-sleeved summer shirt (note: for the white paint I used a small roller).

I may still want to make an adjustment or two, but by and large it's a finished painting. That is, until/unless I change my mind.

2016.11.02 21:55 in Painting

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