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Painting / collaboration

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Untitled collaboration (WIP - state 2, "joker")
Acrylics on heavy cardboard-like paper. April 2019. ~70x100cm

Measurements to follow. Read on for background...

Well, I was handed over a pretty large sheet of paper, being asked if I could use it for something. It was an unfinished painting, the artist wasn't satisfied and did not want to work more on it himself.

So, I soaked the paper in water, curled it up into a ball, straightened it out, let it dry under pressure... and then I turned the painting upside-down and made the pop-culture reference above. There is almost no trace of the original painting left by now.

I will give this back to the original artist, asking him to do whatever he pleases with it.

2019.05.03 19:23 in Painting

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