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Canvas on paper

Collage: Canvas-on-paper (Updated 2015-11-27: New photo):

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Untitled. Acrylics on canvas, cut up and mounted on paper. 2015. 60x50 cm.

I've never really learned to appreciate the process of painting on canvas. Somehow, to me it feels counter-intuitive to paint on a surface that is neither even nor smooth, especially as the canvas is flexible, so it will actually move a little at each touch/brush stroke.

Here I've taken a piece of canvas, un-framed, and painted while the canvas was lying face-up on a table. That way it came closer to the process of painting on paper or wood.

I chose to mount it on paper rather that making a wooden frame. It works well that way. And, even if the paper is behind the canvas it still seems to the eye as if it was the other way round.

Measurements are as mounted, as the white paper background is part of the work.

2015.10.22 22:49 in Painting

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