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Blue on blue

Painting/concrete/non-figurative: A few experimental methods combined

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Untitled. Two different blue acrylics-in-water-solutions on paper. Paper manipulated and mounted on paper. 2018. 64x46cm.

The look of this may remind some readers of the "action painting" technique of Jackson Pollock fame. Read on...

The similarity to "action painting" may be caused by the fact that the "falling paint" technique was used. The name "falling paint" is my own, for lack of a better term. The technique implies that paint is applied to some tool but that tool never touches the canvas (here: paper). The paint is left to drip/fall from the tool onto the surface using either gravity alone or (more or less controlled-) motion.

The movements applied here were not in any way spontaneous or random. On the contrary, several different types of "drip techniques" were applied and every movement was very controlled.

In addition to "falling paint/drips" a "running paint" technique was used. This technique implies applying paint in a (more or less) thin water solution, using an amount that is a little "too much". After applying the thin paint the "canvas" is turned from horizontal to vertical position, and the surplus paint will run downwards due to gravity. Of course the stripes that result can be controlled using movements of the canvas, and I did just that.

2018.11.10 20:56 in Painting

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