... kiss my Contemporary Ars (this, too, shall pass)


Graphics (Relief, Linoleum): Based on a 5 minute croquis done in 2018-ish.

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Untitled. Linoleum print on Japan paper. Spoon print. 2020. 10x15 cm.

Parts of these lines are literally needle-tip wide.

2020.11.24 21:56 in Graphics

Light as a feather

Graphics (Relief, Linoleum):

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"Feather". Linoleum. 2020. 9,5x14 cm.

A related drawing, and a related print, both from 2013.

2020.11.10 21:53 in Graphics

Megaloceros giganteus - 17,000BCE

Graphics / Intaglio / Dry Point (WIP): Reproduction of prehistoric art featuring an extinct animal:

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"Megaloceros giganteus - 17,000BCE".
Dry Point (state 1, test print). 2020. ~DIN A6

This was an interesting piece to do with lots of embedded history, and some curiousities in the meta information on top. Read more about the object+subject below:

2020.11.07 19:53 in Graphics

Portrait: Hans Christian Kofoed (wip - state 15)

Painting/portrait: Layered painting method. Longtime on-going experiment with painting techniques. With process photos 2018-now
Note: This is work-in-process (unfinished).

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"Hans Christian Kofoed" (WIP) Left: previous state, right: current.
Acrylics on manipulated paper. 2018- (wip). Around A3 size.

For state 15, similarity was sacrificed somewhat in order to get angle of head vs body right (or, at least better). I still expect to do a few states more before I'm satisfied. Read on for process photos and information ...

2020.11.05 21:38 in Painting

Knot number 24

Graphics (Relief, Linoleum): Introducing knot number 24:

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Untitled (Endless Knot #24). Linoleum. 2020. 5x5 cm.

Here, printed in magenta.

2020.11.03 21:23 in Endless knots