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Blueprint Test

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Untitled Blueprint Patterns. Cyanotype on watercolur paper. 2021. Odd size slightly larger than DIN A5. Cell phone photo

Test of Cyanotype, aka. Blueprint

2021.06.16 17:40 in Patterns

Three Dumpsters


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"Three Dumpsters". Permanent marker on paper. 2015. Odd size slightly larger than DIN A5

Some readers may recognize the left-most dumpster.

2021.06.16 13:11 in Mixed media

Jade plant

Painting: Watercolour:

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"Jade plant in Jar". Watercolour and Pencil on coloured paper (not acid-free). 2011. A4 size

2021.06.16 12:18 in Painting

Spoon Prints - tips and advice

A short note on the print technique known as "spoon printing". Possibly a helpful note with some tips and advice:

Below, three prints on one sheet. Please click to view in larger size.

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Spoon prints (Endless Knot #24). Linoleum. 2020. 3 x 5x5 cm.

2021.06.16 11:52 in Graphics


Mixed media: Papercut: Multiple odd symmetries

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"Symmetries I-X". Papercut. 2015. (10x) 20x20cm

There are at least two more but I seem to have misplaced them, so they couldn't be in the photo.

2021.03.24 23:44 in Mixed media