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Street Art Book Q&A

Book Update: 2010-10-04

The book project has been stopped due to lack of funding.

Questions & Answers

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When was this Q&A last updated?
2010-10-18 (minor update).
When was this Q&A first published?
2007-04-01 22:51 CET
What will be in the book?
Photos. Very little text, perhaps no text at all.
What kind of photos?
Stickers, pasteups, stencils, graffiti. And some "objects" too (street sculpture).
How many photos?
I don't know yet. Hundreds. I'd like it to be thousands, but the more photos in the book, the more it will cost. However: It's not going to be a booklet. It will be a real book.
Why Copenhagen?
I live there, that's why. I know that lots of other cities have great street art as well, but I'm just not there... yet. I may visit some day.
Why Street Art?
You have to see this book as a tribute. People out there in the streets spend countless hours -- even money -- on producing free artistic experiences for you. Gifts. Donations to anyone who cares to observe. The street artists invest time and money, and then give it away not knowing who will see it, or even for how long it will exist.
Art in the streets will often disappear quickly, and even if it does not it is still bound to one specific place. So, if you're not at the right place at the right time chances are that you will never see it. A book of photos makes it possible for more people to see the individual art pieces.
Also, even if you are at the right place at the right time, chances are that you may not notice it anyway. The nature of street art is such that that you may pass it by entirely without noticing it. You need to be actively looking for it to notice, otherwise you will only see it by chance. A book will help by making more people aware that there is such a thing as street art, and by giving them clues as to what it might look like.
What's the definition of street art?
I can't really give a definition apart from: "Creative expression in public areas" But then, what's "public", and what's "creative" anyway? I'm not trying to be a judge of what's street art or not, or what's good or bad street art. I collect examples that I show in my book, and I know that for each single example I've got there may easily be 10, 100, or 100,000 that I haven't even seen.
One thing I should mention: To me, graffiti (and even tags) is (are) part of Street Art. So, it's not just posters, stickers, and whatnot. Letters on walls will be in the book too. This is important, because some people make a distinction between art and graffiti. I'm not that narrow minded.
How do you spot the street art?
I'm out there on the street. I'm curious, I use my eyes, and I get around a lot.
Can I see examples?
Yes of course. The best way to get an impression of what might turn out to be in the book is to follow me on flickr.
Who will be in it?
Copenhagen's finest. Also some artists visiting the city. It will not be a book of name drops - there will be big names as well as minor ones. The works should be able to speak for themselves.
The selection criteria is that it has to have an edge somehow. That's pretty broad.
What's "an edge somehow" ?
Perhaps you can say: Something that makes the street a better experience.
Really, this question is impossible to answer. If I have a good photo of something and I think "that piece must be in the book" then it's in. Look at my photos on flickr to get an idea about what I like.
So, will it be good photos or good street art?
I am not the judge. I will select works from my photostream to go into the book based on liking. Of course, the photo has to be at least fit for print, but what matters is what's on the photo, not the photo itself.
Ie. A great shot of cans with no artwork will not make it to the book. A lousy shot of the finest street art piece in the whole city will not make it to the book. And so on.
Can you get in more than once?
Yes of course. But only with different pieces.
Who/what will NOT be in it?
I try to avoid band stickers, brand label stickers, "just tags", unfinished work, paid murals, commercial street art, big name artists, etc etc. I'll do my best - but then I really don't like to put up too many limitations in advance.
Is it Danish artists only?
No. It is Street Art in Copenhagen. We have artists from many places visiting and creating art in the streets, sticker trades across borders, and cross border collaborations as well.
Will it cost a fortune?
Right now I don't know the price. It will cost me money to produce the book, and I don't think I will be able to sell it for anything less than I've paid to produce it.
It is intended as a tribute to Street Art. So, it should be great. I will try to make it real good quality. But then... that's pretty expensive.
I'll try to find a way to make a cheap version as well - I know that lots of folks that would love the book don't have lots of money. If you've got any ideas, please contact me on flickr.
Will it be published and sold in bookstores?
Right now I don't know. But I will find a way to get it to the people that want it.
When and where can I get it?
It will probably be sold from this page or some other internet page first, as I don't have a deal with any bookstores. I have no time to do deals, I'm busy making great photos.
I'll tell you more right here on this page as soon as I know more. Stay tuned.
I'd like to pre-order right now!
Okay, drop me a note on flickr. That would be nice as it gives me an idea about how many copies I'll need to do. Of course if it turns out to cost a fortune because it's 1,000 pages or whatever, then you don't have to buy it.

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