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Wayland from Uppåkra

Mixed/drawing: Reconstruction of millenium old masterpiece:

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"Wayland the smith, with wings of own making."
Brooch or buckle found 2011. Lost at Uppåkra, Sweden, ca 900CE .
Permanent maker and pencil on paper. 2019. DIN A4.

Caution: Do not use this for your designs! This is my work, it is not a copy of the Uppåkra find. It is extremely similar, but some details are very different and unique to this drawing.

This is my version of a motif from a brooch found in Uppåkra (Sweden) in 2011 after it had spent roughly a millenium in soil. Hence the original is slightly damaged.

I have made some changes to the design. I have enforced almost 100% symmetry (save for the four drops/the ribbon on the wings). Also, I've made some details clearly visible that were obscured by wear and tear on the brooch, and changed the design slightly in two specific places.

My drawing is three times the size of the brooch/buckle, also it is so much easier to use a pen/pencil than to work with metal. So, I will not claim that I have (or even that I can) improve(d) the original design which is a masterpiece in its own right.

This is merely a personal version of the same motif, a paraphrase. I could not have made this drawing in this manner had I not been able to study the masterpiece by the Uppåkra smith first. All credit goes to the Uppåkra master.

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(process photo)
Pencil outline left, photo right.

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