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Torn croquis

Mixed media: Torn-paper-croquis:

Click for bigger size.
Various artists: Torn black paper. After live model. 2018.

Read on for a brief explanation.

This photo is from a group croquis session. These are 16 pieces of black paper torn by hand after a live model. The setup was like a normal croquis session, except that for this part of the session we did not use pencil, only paper. The paper was torn by hand, the sitting (here: standing) was 5 minutes.

These were made by 16 different artists at the same time, and observing the same model posture/pose (although from different angles). My version is the smallest one, slightly below the centre of the photo. (Disclaimer: I had tried this before).

2018.02.02 13:41 in Mixed media

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