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Small wood block

Mixed media: Wood carving. Update of earlier post:

Click for bigger size. Click for bigger size.
Untitled (knot and spiral on opposite sides).
Wood carving w/paint applied, plywood. 2018. ~7x7x2cm

You may notice that the line is thinner and somewhat prettier on the spiral side than on the knot side. This is due to a change of carving tool. For the knot I used a knife made for wood carving! Specifically a "V" type knife, the most narrow and sharp one I could find.

For the spiral I used an ordinary (and pretty old) retractable blade knife ("carpet cutter"). This tool proved to be much better.

Below is a photo of the knot side before it was coloured black:

Click for bigger size.
(previous state)

The knot was also made in linoleum: Knot #20.

2018.10.30 20:34 in Mixed media

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