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Poet portrait

Mixed: Drawing: Portrait

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"Benny Andersen"
Pencil on paper. 2018. 29.2x42cm (DIN A3)

Read on for previous state photo ...

This is a portrait of the late Danish poet Benny Andersen (1929-2018), in pencil.

Når man tændte lampen
stirrede øjet vildt til alle sider
når man slukkede lampen
blev øjet ved at se."

Benny Andersen: "Træning i ensomhed". Poem from "Chagall & skorpiondans", 1991.


When you turned on the lamp
the eye would stare frantically in all directions,
when you turned off the lamp
the eye kept on seeing.

Below, a photo of state one (= portrait about halfway done).

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(state 1)

2018.11.02 10:46 in Mixed media

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