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Pattern repetition

Mixed media / Drawing: Pattern study.

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Untitled. Drawing. 2015. DIN A4.

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This pattern (right) is found in a Persian book illustration (left). As this was before book printing, the original version of the illustration is painted by hand. Slightly larger than A4 size (original is 38x26cm), the painting is full of fine details.

This study details the construction of this particular pattern.

The pattern (right) is what is painted on the building (palace) wall under the balcony, by the red dot. The lines of this pattern are so fine that the pattern is hardly visible on the photo.

If you look at the coloured hexagon in the circle for a moment, you will discover that each such repeating hexagon consists of six identical triangles, every second one mirrored. Each of these triangles, in turn, is essentially a Valknut. So, here North meets South.

(Actually the Valknut precedes this book illustration by at least half a millenium. However, (AFAIK) the Valknut was not used for repeating patterns in Scandinavia, only as stand-alone.)

The Persian painting is from a collection of poetry, "Diwan of Mir 'Ali Schir Nawa'i", 1527. Painting reproduced in Stuart Cary Welch "Persische Buchmalerei", Prestel 1976, ISBN 3 7913 0388 0.

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