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More interwoven animal designs

Mixed Media / drawing (WIP): Reconstructing two more ornaments from archaeology.

Click for bigger size. Click for bigger size.
Reconstructions of ornaments from archaological finds, step 1: Outline.
2019. Variable measurements (here ~A5)

These two ornaments are both damaged. I hope to be able to recreate them. However, the photos I have to work from are neither sharp nor detailled enough to identify all details.
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Unfortunately I know no details about these two items other than the fact that they're from "the archaeological record" and likely found in Denmark. My best guess is that these two date from ~CE 1000 or later (it is an educated guess but still a guess). I have only seen one photo of each, and the source (a detectorist magazine) did not reveal any information about the objects (only photos which were very small and hence had to be enlarged, making them more unsharp and pixelated)

2019.12.23 16:25 in Mixed media

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