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Love in a void

Mixed media / Collage:

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"Lebensraum". Subtitle "Let it be". Collage. 2015. 70x50 cm.

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This work celebrates emptyness, absence, and nothing. Possibilities and potential. Freedom to do something, or nothing with equal weight and importance on both alternatives, none more important than the other.

Also: With possibilities comes responsibility. The fact that "you can" does not imply automatically that "you should".

So, there is an extra element of ethics, and contemplation on feasibility of action vs non-action.

The german term "Lebensraum" have been chosen for the title. Please note that this term is used in the original pre-nazi (or non-nazi) sense! Verbatim translated it means "room for life", which is possibilities and potential again.

An extra dimension is this: No matter if the subject/biotope at hand is rainforest, tundra, desert, Antarctica, the Moon or whatever else - what we see as "empty" is generally NOT so. There are things going on there, even life in abundance (perhaps save for the Moon). Even in a desert.

Also: Apart from money, what benefit does a tourist ever bring to the location s/he visits? Anything at all?

Most human activity brings little but tear and wear to the planet. The planet itself needs space to breathe, to recover. Space outside our influence. Physical spaces either without us, or spaces where those of us that are there show the utmost care in not leaving any trace of themselves or their activity.

Face it, people pollute. The traditional education among indigenous peoples, making them capable of leaving a very small "ecological footprint" is not the education taught at public schools! We in the civilized world simply don't know how.

So, the remaining "empty" parts of our world (which is the major part of the globe, as we people tend to prefer cities) should perhaps be allowed to remain empty, devoid of

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