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Just like Croquis

Drawing: (updated 2015-10-07: New photo)

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Untitled. Permanent marker(s) and acrylics on paper, on paper, on paper, on paper. 2015. 20x30 cm.

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This started out as a croquis drawing. Except that in croquis you will look at the subject while you draw. Here I had my eyes closed while drawing - drawing time was five seconds.

You can all do this, no matter where or when. Just bring pencil and paper, then look at eg. some person, animal, object for half a minute, maximum. After that close your eyes for 5-10 seconds (no more that that) while drawing. When you open your eyes your drawing is done. No edits/corrections allowed after that.

(You may need a few tests before you manage to eg attach the limbs to the body without looking, or even get the proportions right. That is normal. At first try you will not get anywhere close to this.)

The croquis part was done with a pencil on a standard white (bleached) piece of office paper. After that, I traced the pencil lines with permanent markers in various sizes, added the grey paper, added acrylics, soaked it all in water, curled it up into a ball, untangled it, pressed and dried it for a day, and then added the circle pattern.

After that I soaked it all again, to the point where it started to dissolve, curled it up again, untangled, pressed and dried for a day, and finally I retraced the lines of the center figure. Finally, the mount on black heavy paper.

Measurements are from memory. As I recall it it is just about a DIN A4.

2015.10.05 15:03 in Mixed media

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