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Face job

Mixed / drawing: Study

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"Vanitas in effigy: The lady with stretched skin/no wrinkles" (study)
Pencil on paper. 2019. DIN A3 size

Somebody showed me a reproduction of this painting, dating from before the age of plastic surgery. However, that did not stop the painter from completely removing every single wrinkle, irregularity, and facial hair from the face of the model. This is not how a human being looks. If it were so; that human being would never have opened her mouth and hence never eaten or spoken. Neither would she ever have closed her eyes, nor smiled, frowned, or coined any other type of facial expression in her entire life.

Having done so, to preserve the illusion of "portrait" the painter had to deform the cranium/head shape slightly in order to create shadows that compensate for the missing facial features, eg where the eyebrows were suposed to be. Please note her enlarged/prolonged forehead and the cranium "outcroppings" at the place where other people are flat and endowed with eyebrows.

Further, a mouth without tiny wrinkles at the sides is a mouth that has never been open. So, how did she eat?

Of course this is likely an ordered portrait. And the extremely strange face is most likely due to vanity. We know that the painter was able to paint portraits and other subjects with great similarity, so the model (or, the paying customer) must have instructed the painter explicitly to remove all signs of aging

I had to draw this "Dorian Grey" monster, as a study. It seems I drew the left side of the face a little larger than the right side, this makes the portrait look even more strange.

2019.10.25 17:20 in Mixed media

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