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Doing the Betty Edwards thing

Mixed: Drawing: An exercise from the Betty Edwards book:

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Untitled (after Picasso: "Portrait of Igor Stravinsky")
Ballpoint pen on paper. 2019. Around DIN A5 size

I've owned the book for years without actually doing the exercises or even opening it much...

However, I actually own two very good books on drawing, and I recommend any one of them for self study. I believe the English titles are:

(1) Betty Edwards: "Drawing on the right side of the brain"

(2) Kimon Nicolaïdes: "The Natural Way To Draw"

The photo top-of-page shows one of the first exercises from the Betty Edwards book. It is supposed to be done upside-down. Also, it is supposed to be carried out using a pencil, only I used a ballpoint pen so that I could not correct errors and hence I had to get things right. I performed this exercise in a class with others as part of a drawing course, and I spent double the time that any other person did. I'm like that. But then, I am self-taught already. Please do exactly as the book says - and use a pencil.

Oh, and no. I'm not satisfied at all. I spent too little time on the last parts of the drawing and I did not uphold sufficient concentration throughout. The similarity is very good (by all means this is a very good execution, most people do significantly worse), but I wanted an almost-identical copy. I'm like that, you should not be. It will make your life too hard, and you may risk to stop doing anything creative at all if your ambition is too far away from your skill level. For me, having decades of experience, expecting a very close copy is not irrational. And hence this (albeit very good) is not good enough.

2019.08.24 11:58 in Mixed media

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