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Three Dumpsters


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"Three Dumpsters". Permanent marker on paper. 2015. Odd size slightly larger than DIN A5

Some readers may recognize the left-most dumpster.

2021.06.16 13:11 in Mixed media


Mixed media: Papercut: Multiple odd symmetries

Click for bigger size.
"Symmetries I-X". Papercut. 2015. (10x) 20x20cm

There are at least two more but I seem to have misplaced them, so they couldn't be in the photo.

2021.03.24 23:44 in Mixed media

March Hare

Drawing: Ink:

Click for bigger size.
"Hare". Ink/brush on paper. 2020. ~A4-A5 (odd) size

This was done freehand (no model or reference). Oh, and btw it seems as if the March Hare is still running the world - stark raving mad as ever. Cf the hare post of last year (I think this drawing may have been a pre-study sketch

2021.03.24 03:20 in Mixed media

Abstract postcard

Drawing: Abstract postcard:

Click for bigger size.
Untitled. Oil crayons, watercolor, coal, and ink on cardboard/heavy paper. 2017. ~7x11cm

2021.03.24 03:15 in Mixed media

Comma (1996)

Drawing: In 1996 -- now 25 years ago -- I made this:

Click for bigger size.
"Comma". Oil crayons on paper. 1996. A2 size

Recently I photographed a few of my not-so-recent works. This is one.

2021.01.04 01:26 in Mixed media

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