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Waterfall and sand

Graphics (wip): Test of new printing technique:

Updated 2014-11-04: Photo added.

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Untitled. Unfinished. 2014. 14x18 cm.
Left: Dry Point (state one) and sanding paper print (grain 80+40).
Right: Dry Point only. Later version (state two).

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This is a test of a new technique (new to me, at least)

The "dotted" (or the darkest) areas were printed with sandpaper cut out to the desired shape. Two different grains: Grain 40 for the light areas, and grain 80 for the darker areas. For the very dark shape (leftmost) I have physically manipulated that piece of sanding paper such that it appears as having a very high grain.

The lighter blue areas (waterfall, center) are made with Dry Point.

The dark blue and the light blue is in fact the exact same colour. The difference in printing technique makes it appear very light in the Dry Point parts.

This is not a combination of techniques that is easy to control. The sandpaper may leave undesired scratches in the Dry Point metal plate, and the colour imprint may vary a lot between techniques, as well as in-between subsequent prints of the same sandpaper surface. Oh, and it's messy and some steps of the process may easily damage the printing paper.

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