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Tree Of Life, version 2

Graphics/linoleum: Tree Of Life, version 2:

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"Tree Of Life". 2013, 2. state. Linoleum. 20x30cm.

Please click through to see a bigger size photo.

The story behind the print can be found in Tree Of Life - lino print.


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"Tree Of Life". Version 1, 2012 (left), and version 2, 2013 (right).

The major change is that the lines in the background have been made thinner, and doubled in number. Apart from that, only minor changes.

The colour might not be the exact same green on both prints.

Update 2014-11-27: I just discovered this 1,000 year old version of the tree of life. Very interesting as it's the first time I've seen a version that is geometrical and based mostly on straight lines (apart from mine above).

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