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Tibetan mantra

Graphics (Relief, Linoleum): A tibetan mantra (paraphrase). Tibetans please bear with me:

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Untitled (paraphrase). Linoleum. 2018. ~ DIN A5 size

Read on for close-up and ghost print

This mantra was found on a hand-made Tibetan calendar I got as a gift a few years back. The whole calendar was made from hand-coloured prints. I have to admit that unfortunately I do not read Tibetan letters, so I can't tell which mantra it is. This fact made me postpone the creation of this print for a few years, in fact I almost gave up making it.

However, it turned out that the shapes and the overall aestetics were interesting enough to merit a paraphrase in spite of my ignorance. I do not hope that I have made errors, if so I am sorry. I do not know people fluent in Tibetan letters, so I had to try my best.

Please don't see this as "cultural appropriation" - I have no such intent. This is an act of learning, not one of appropriation.

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close up of leftmost print from photo above

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ghost print

If you know which mantra this is, and/or if you can transscribe it to latin letters, please leave a comment below.

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