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Three little birds

Graphics (Relief, Linoleum): Hommage à Robert Nesta "Bob" Marley

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"Three Little Birds". Linoleum. 2017. 15x10cm.

Read on to see early sketches

Unlike the song, these three birds were not sitting on a doorstep. Rather, they were sitting on some scaffolding rather high up. And, they're not exactly small as they're pigeons.

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Sketches. White chalk on black paper. 2017. (8x) 15x10 cm.

As these are sketches -- and small ones -- it may be hard to see what this is all about. All these are based on one drawing of three pigeons. You may want to click the image to get to the large size, for details.

The purpose of these sketches is to try out various compositions before cutting a linoleum block.

2017.08.29 20:36 in Graphics

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