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Graphics/relief, Linoleum (+ added Collography):

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"Yellow Tang (Zebrasoma flavescens)". Linoleum. 2018. 20x15cm

Surgeonfish, sub-species Yellow Tang. Read on for yellow version...

The Yellow Tang lives in Hawaiian waters. They are vegetarian and clean (eat off) algae from sea turtle shells. If subjected to Nitrate pollution they die. On both sides of the fish right between the body and the tail, all Surgeonfish have a very sharp "scalpel like" spine for self defense. This protuberance is more visible on some kinds than on others - for the Yellow Tang the spine is usually white-ish and hence not extremely visible.

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"Surgeonfish". Linoleum on collography. 2018. 20x15cm

This version was printed on top of a collography texture print in warm yellow. For the texture I used a piece of fabric, glued to heavy paper and lacquered. As the yellow layer was not entirely dry before the black layer was applied, the two colours mixed creating the green-ish look you see here.

I personally like the black/white version best, but I suppose that if I had waited for the yellow layer to dry completely before applying the black, this version would have been my favourite in stead.

2018.03.11 21:48 in Graphics

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