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Skillful carrying

Graphics: Linoleum cut, a little quick design just for the fun of it:

Click for bigger size.
Untitled. Linoleum (1st state). 2015. 15x20 cm.

This is a pun on the Danish term "bƦredygtig". The term is the Danish word for "sustainable" in the Brundtland-sense.

The verbatim meaning of the Danish word is something along the lines of "Skillful in carrying". Further, in Danish a weight lifter is also a person who carries a weight (after it's lifted it is carried until it is dropped)

This type of pun may not be foreigner-friendly, but then I hope you may at least enjoy the print.

Update: After taking the photo above the Gs have been changed slightly so that they now look less like Cs.

2015.08.29 18:59 in Graphics

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