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Pig poster

Graphics/mixed: A poster with these pigs:

Click for bigger size.
Poster. 2014. 21x30 cm.


Around 20-30 million pcs
Have you seen you seen one?"

(With an emphasis on "one".)

In Denmark, we have around 5 pigs for each person. What this would normally imply -- were it not pigs -- is that pigs in DK should be highly visible. In fact, one would expect to see pigs everywhere.

They're not visible. Most Danes will never get to see a pig alive except from those featured in industry marketing.

Danish pigs are kept indoors 24/7 in large facilities housing several thousand animals. Many of them are even fixated inside these facilities so that they can not move. They never get to breathe the fresh country air outside. We never get to see them.

2014.10.21 23:15 in Graphics

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