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Star Tiles 1 to 5

Graphics: "Star Tiles" (linoleum), version 1 to 5. There are four handmade prints on each piece of paper:

Click for bigger size.
"Star Tile #1 to #5". 2012. Linoleum, 10x10 cm.

Each Star Tile measures 5x5cm and all of them are constructed from the same basic gridlines.

(Click photo to see a larger version)

That all of them are based on the same set of gridlines makes it possible to combine different versions -- or indeed all versions -- in a single print. I have not yet experimented with that possibility, but I hope to be able to do it soon.

The 5x5cm size is one that I will probably explore further. Being a very small format it puts high demands on technical cutting skills, which is a nice challenge. At the same time the small size makes it possible to finish the full process of designing, cutting, and printing in a relatively short time frame, like a day.

2012.11.21 05:47 in Patterns

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