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Pattern components (wip)

Test print of 7 new miniature linoleum tiles designed for pattern work. Each tile measures only 2.5 by 2.5 cm (1x1 inch), half the size of my star tiles.

Click for bigger size.
"Test prints: Pattern components". 2013. Linoleum. (7x) 2.5x2.5cm.

To the left are the individual tiles in a vertical row, to the right each of them are repeated in groups of four, following a simple clockwise rotation rule.

All seven pattern fragments are derived from the top left box-like shape, by reducing and experimenting with the geometrical pattern.

That basic box-like pattern is at least 2,000 years old, and so is the rule of rotation. Both are known from eg. Roman mosaics like the ones found at the Fishbourne Villa, West Sussex, UK (AD75-80) (example, more examples)

It is interesting to note that the pattern quickly develops into swastika-like shapes. This symbol is significantly older than the box pattern, probably one of the oldest symbols on the planet and used world-wide for at least 4,500 years (info, more info).

Here is a test print in DIN A5 size of pattern #2. It takes 36 individual prints to make such a small piece of paper:

Click for bigger size.
"Test print: Pattern component #2". 2013. Linoleum. (37x) 2.5x2.5cm.

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