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Babylon reconstructed

Graphics, relief/linoleum: This pattern is older than 4,000 years:

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(Reconstruction of MS 3194: The world's oldest dateable labyrinth illustration).
Linoleum. 2018. 14,8x21,0 cm (DIN A5 size)

For some, this is so much more than a labyrinth, maze, or toy. Read on for information, and a photo of the original ...

This pattern is from a clay tablet found in what was once Babylon or Babylonia (now: Iraq). The clay tablet is now Item MS 3194 in the Schøyen Collection. It is considered to be the oldest known dateable labyrinth illustration.

Click for bigger size.
MS 3194. Babylonia, 2000-1700 BCE. 11,7x10,3x2,0 cm (around DIN A6 size)

My work is a reconstruction of the pattern as the original tablet is damaged. However, my version is double the size of the original.

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