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800 years old pattern from Mesopotamia

Graphics / relief / linoleum / pattern: A reconstruction of a 788 years old pattern.

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Pattern from an archaeological find in Mesopotamia (currently Mosul, Iraq). Original dated ~1232 CE
Linoleum, puzzle technique. 2019-2020. 18x18cm
(two differently coloured prints)

Read on for info and process photos

2020.03.07 20:34 in Patterns

Star-like pattern

Graphichs / Relief (Linoleum): Pattern.

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Untitled (pattern). Linoleum. 2019. 138x94 mm

2019.05.11 10:46 in Patterns

Babylon reconstructed

Graphics, relief/linoleum: This pattern is older than 4,000 years:

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(Reconstruction of MS 3194: The world's oldest dateable labyrinth illustration).
Linoleum. 2018. 14,8x21,0 cm (DIN A5 size)

For some, this is so much more than a labyrinth, maze, or toy. Read on for information, and a photo of the original ...

2018.10.23 17:49 in Patterns

5 hexagons


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Untitled (five prints). Linoleum. 2016. 50x30cm

Read on ...

2016.02.23 18:31 in Patterns

Nine stars

Graphics (Linoleum): A combined view of the 9 "Star Tiles" made sofar:

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Star tiles #1-9. Linoleum cut. 2012-15. (9x)5x5 cm.

2015.09.24 00:43 in Patterns

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