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Sign of the hare

Graphics (WIP): A hand gesture in the image of a hare's head.
Updated 2020-06-16: Now photos of all stages of production, plus finished print.

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"Hare Head Hand sign"
Linoleum. 2020. ~DIN A5.

"The March Hare will be much the most interesting, and perhaps as this is May it won't be raving mad – at least not so mad as it was in March."

2020.06.04 19:06 in Graphics

Sower over and over

Graphics / relief / collagraphy: Using the sower figure from "The Sower":

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12x sower
Collagraphy. 2020. ~ 15x15cm

Read on for alternate versions....

2020.03.10 16:27 in Graphics

Sowing time again

Graphics / Intaglio / Collagraphy:

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Intaglio collagraphy using ballpoint pen on cardboard. 2020. ~A5 size

Some readers may recognize the scene. Yes, it's a mirrored version. The colour is called Van Dyke Brown.

2020.02.18 21:07 in Graphics

Huginn and Muninn

Graphics/relief (Linoleum): A true classic

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"Thought and Memory"
Linoleum. 2019. (4x) 34x91 mm

Huginn ok Muninn fljúga hverjan dag jörmungrund yfir;
óumk ek Hugin, at hann aftr né komi, þó sjáumk ek meir of Munin.
....said Grímnir

2019.11.19 18:50 in Graphics

Your xmas card this year?

Graphics/relief (Linoleum):

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Linoleum. 2019. DIN A6 size

This will be sold as a postcard at the Kofoeds Skole Christmas Market 2019 (December 4). There will be several paper colours to choose from, and of course prints from several different artists. All prints hand printed by the artists themselves, and all proceeds from the sale will go to support Kofoeds Skole.

2019.11.12 18:13 in Graphics