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Now the globe of moon

Dry point (wip): Landscape scene, based on haiku poem: (Updated 2015-03-20: New photo)

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Untitled (wip). Dry Point. 2015. 15x10 cm. (3. state, test print)

Read on for the poem ...

The engraving is based on a haiku poem by Danish Ida Hamre, from her collection "I det fri" (a verbatim translation would be "Outside", but there's a double meaning in Danish, something like "Unrestricted"). The poem:


Bag mørke grene
vinterlyset fra himlen
nu månens globus

I don't have an English version from the hand of the author, so here's my own attempt at making a translation:


Behind dark branches
the winter light from the sky
now the globe of moon

I've made a third print as it's now in third state. Maybe I'll update this post with a photo.

2015.02.17 18:15 in Graphics

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