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Norwegian light

Graphics (Relief, Linoleum): Updated 2020-08-26: Expanded discussion+extra photo
Updated 2018-08-20, new event photo

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"Tromsø, Northern Norway, 09/12/2009". Linoleum. 2017. Second state. 21x15cm.

This was inspired by the December 2009 spiral light anomaly over northern Norway. The photo below shows the event as seen from the island of Skjervoy, 90km north-east of Tromsø.

The event

Some Wikipedia information here, a thorough analysis with more photos here, and a controversial explanation here. The alt-arch (or, pseudo-arch) -inclined people among the readers may want to revisit images from Dendera (tongue-in-cheek).

Tromsø Sky Spiral, December 9, 2009. (source)
Photo © Jan-Petter Jørgensen behind Skjervoy north breakwater.

The generally accepted (or "official") explanation is that it was a test firing of a new missile in the White Sea gone wrong. I recall seeing grainy low-quality footage of this test firing (allegedly released by Russian military). I also remember seeing a video of the Norwegian event. Some of this may still be found online.

This event still puzzles me and acts as a source of inspiration.

The graphics

Being interested in archaeology and pre-history I have not been able to avoid the seemingly omnipresent spiral shape. See this (!) So, of course my first thoughts were along the lines of this:

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"Sunflower" petroglyph

I drew a rough sketch some time after the event (not shown here). August 2018 I found the event photo above. I do not think that this was the photo I used for reference as the outline of the mountain range is somewhat different above, indicating a different photo angle.

The carving style is fast and relatively sloppy. There are lots of uneven lines, unevenly spaced lines, and even lines that cross contours slightly. This is a deliberate departure from my usual very controlled style. It gives a somewhat "sketchy" or "drawing-like" appearance to the print, which I like.

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