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Glue prints: Trees in black

These prints are very different from the others I've posted. They're also a little dark, which is due to the technique used...

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Trees In Black I & II. Glue on linoleum, printed. 2012. Size around 15x10cm.

Click for larger photos, or read on for the story...

In stead of cutting the linoleum, the boards were painted using glue as paint medium. After the glue dried, the boards were printed using a printing press as usual.

The fact that nothing was cut away from the boards, and that I used a limited amount of glue, are both responsible for the dark look. The printing press could only leave areas with larger height differences white.

Contrary to "ordinary cutting" the white areas are not the cut-away parts. Neither the parts "painted" using glue. In stead the white parts are the surroundings of the glue paint. This makes the process more difficult to control. It also gives a nice smooth texture that you can't really create using normal cutting.

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