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Experimental graphics

Graphics/relief, experimental (Collography):

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Untitled. Cardboard print / relief (right) and ghost print (left). 2018. 2x ~10x15cm

Read on for a brief explanation, and more experiments.

The print above was made using a 'readymade' stencil; a snow flake shaped plastic toy. The outline was cut into the surface of heavy cardboard like paper (with some kind of glossy coating). All around the snow flake shape the outermost surface of the paper (essentially; the glossy coating) was removed carefully. Then it as printed using the standard relief print process.

The height difference between foreground and background is less than one half millimetre.

Graphics/relief (Collography):

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Untitled. Gaffer Tape print / relief. 2018. ~around A5 size

The above print was made using gaffer tape on heavy paper. The construction was done by first attaching a strip of Gaffer Tape to a cutting board, then cutting out the three geometric shapes. After that the tape as well as the cut out shapes were mounted on heavy cardboard like paper (>= 500g/m2). This was printed using the normal process for relief prints.


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Untitled. Cardboard print / intaglio (right) and ghost print (left). 2018. 2x ~5x7cm

Using a stylus like pointy device the image was scratched into the surface of heavy paper. That which was "scratched away" remained the same colour as that which was not. This, coupled with sub-optimal studio lighting conditions, implied that I could not see clearly what I was doing, if at all. Essentially I might as well have done this blindfolded.

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