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Black Base Reduction

Graphics: Collagraphy (Black Base Reduction Technique):

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"Black Base Collagraphy 1 + 2". Collagraphy (unique).
2023. Size: ~DIN A5

Read on for a brief intro to the technique

Black Base Reduction

(I am not certain that my English translation of the name of the technique is perfect)

First, a untreated fresh print medium is completely covered in color. The print medium is placed on top of a piece of paper, colored side towards paper, so that the color can be transferred to the paper. For print medium here, we used cardboard.

Once the paper is covered by the cardboard we use a blunt stick / knitting pin / similar utensil to "draw" on the uncolored/blank back side of the cardboard. Using no color, only pressure.

This way the "drawing" is transferred to the bottom paper. The black-on-white print is state 1, produced like this.

State 2

After printing-while-drawing state 1, the paper and the print medium is separated, and a fresh printing paper soaked in water.

This soaking serves the purpose of softening the paper so that it will better pick up color from the indents in the printing medium.

After soaking and drying the print medium is printed using Intaglio technique. The result is the white-on-black version.

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