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Winter Scene

Graphics: Linoleum: A winther scene.

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"In the snow". Linoleum on Paper. 2021. 9x11cm

I had a deadline so had to make this very quickly - a little less than one hour including everything from idea over initial drawing to finished cut. A reference photo was used. The animals featured here are less than 1x1cm, so getting better similarity in that time frame was not possible. Feel free to interpret them as any kind of animal you like.

2021.12.16 01:10 in Graphics

25 Knots In Nine Years

Graphics: Linoleum: 25 separate prints in one

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"25 Knots". Ed 1 (1/2): Linoleum on White Paper. 2012-2021. (25x) 5x5cm

This is (edition 1 of) the successor to this print featuring 16 knots. There are only two prints in this edition. Click link below to read more...

2021.12.16 00:06 in Endless knots

Ravens Head

Graphics: Linoleum: A personal take on the ancient "Huginn & Muninn" theme.

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"Ravens Head". Linoleum on Japan Paper. 2021. (2x) 11x20cm

This was drawn in freehand direcly on the board with no gridlines used. It was cut in one go. For this reason symmetry is not 100% accurate. Click link below for information...

2021.11.17 19:14 in Graphics

Portrait: Hans Christian Kofoed (wip - state 18)

Painting/portrait: Layered painting method. With process photos 2018-now
Note: This is work-in-process (unfinished).

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"Hans Christian Kofoed" (WIP) Left: previous state, right: current.
Acrylics on manipulated paper. 2018- (wip). Around A3 size.

I still expect to do a few states more before I'm satisfied. Click link below for process photos and more information ...

2021.10.03 20:34 in Painting


Quick pencil drawing

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Untitled. (photo is a bit unsharp)
Pencil on paper. 2021. Around A4 size

2021.08.14 16:20 in Mixed media

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