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Portrait: Hans Christian Kofoed (wip - state 18)

Painting/portrait: Layered painting method. With process photos 2018-now
Note: This is work-in-process (unfinished).

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"Hans Christian Kofoed" (WIP) Left: previous state, right: current.
Acrylics on manipulated paper. 2018- (wip). Around A3 size.

I still expect to do a few states more before I'm satisfied. Read on for process photos and information ...

2021.10.03 20:34 in Painting


Quick pencil drawing

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Untitled. (photo is a bit unsharp)
Pencil on paper. 2021. Around A4 size

2021.08.14 16:20 in Mixed media

Road to nowhere

Pencil drawing

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Pencil on paper. 2021. Around A4 size

2021.08.14 16:00 in Mixed media

Labyrinth by the sea

Other: Land Art: A very small labyrinth

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Untitled. Temporary installation: Ancient Labyrinth Pattern.
Frederikssund, June 19-20 2021. Around 40x40cm

For more information and a much larger version, see the post Troy Town. This was a temporary 24 hour installation, erased the day after it was made.

2021.07.03 18:28 in Other

Cyanotype reprint

Graphics: Patterns: A reprint / second edition of a previous cyanotype:

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Second edition of print. Uniqe. Cyanotype on watercolur paper. 2021. Odd size slightly larger than DIN A5.

Version 1 is here.

2021.07.03 17:47 in Patterns

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