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Tip #3: Read History

If you're interested in History, and especially Pre-History, your perspective is pretty long and you know that things change.

HRM Queen Margrethe II of Denmark (this is not a *direct* quote, see bottom)

So, this is tip #3 for the strange period that we're in right now: Read History!

Still, history is - by far - the largest subject we know of. If you feel that you don't really have time for that you may still be equally well served reading Lore and Fairytales. Seriously. Here's a very short one:

Two flies sat at the back of a waggon, winding hastily down a dusty dirt road. One said to another "Look at all that dust the two of us are creating!"

Allegedly: H.C. Andersen - own translation, from memory.


Note: The quote above is my own translation from Danish. Her Royal Majesty gave an interview to the Danish newspaper "Politiken" which I unfortunately can't read as the paper version is sold out and the online version is "subscribers only". So, I read the above at a secondary source, "", that had an abstract (in Danish). Some re-phrasing may have taken place.

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Bolig / grund / plads / lignende søges til leje

(This note in Danish)

Jeg mangler akut et nyt sted at bo: på Sjælland, helst til leje:

Enten en lejebolig eller et sted jeg kan stille en skurvogn eller lignende. Jeg kan pt betale op til ca 3.500 pr måned. Evt bytte m 2v andel på Amager til samme mdl udgift.

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