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Epicurus said ...

“I have never wished to cater to the crowd; for what I know they do not approve, and what they approve I do not know.”

Epicurus was a philosopher from the area now known as Greece. These days -- if you're not (re?)discovering your own culture by reading folk lore and fairy tales -- you may want to read philosophy in stead. As philosophy deals with "the universal" you do not need to read philosophers from your own culture first and foremost. However, philosophy from your own culture may be more relevant to you and easier for you to understand.

Please note that reading philosophy does not make you a philosopher:

Consider first, man, what the matter is, and what your own nature is able to bear. If you would be a wrestler, consider your shoulders, your back, your thighs; for different persons are made for different things.

Do you think that you can act as you do and be a philosopher, that you can eat, drink, be angry, be discontented, as you are now?

You must watch, you must labor, you must get the better of certain appetites, must quit your acquaintances, be despised by your servant, be laughed at by those you meet; come off worse than others in everything - in offices, in honors, before tribunals.

When you have fully considered all these things, approach, if you please - that is, if, by parting with them, you have a mind to purchase serenity, freedom, and tranquillity. If not, do not come hither; do not, like children, be now a philosopher, then a publican, then an orator, and then one of Caesar’s officers. These things are not consistent.

You must be one man, either good or bad. You must cultivate either your own reason or else externals; apply yourself either to things within or without you - that is, be either a philosopher or one of the mob.

(Epictetus: The Enchiridion)

Reading philosophy just may, however, make you a better version of yourself.

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Bolig / grund / plads / lignende søges til leje

(This note in Danish)

Jeg mangler akut et nyt sted at bo: på Sjælland, helst til leje:

Enten en lejebolig eller et sted jeg kan stille en skurvogn eller lignende. Jeg kan pt betale op til ca 3.500 pr måned. Evt bytte m 2v andel på Amager til samme mdl udgift.

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