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New web site up

In case you failed to notice, a new version of this web site has just been launched.

What's new?

  • Easier to update. Should mean more updates. We'll see ...
  • Comments. You are welcome to comment on the things I publish here.
  • Contact form. For any question that you can't find answered on these pages.
  • ...

What's next?

At the moment this brand new technology is being fine-tuned. So, some things may still change from time to time. Also, some pages are being updated.

I still have some wishes, though.


  • Dual language (English+Danish),
  • Show latest pictures from eg. flickr, deviantArt, and possibly others,
  • Gallery with a simple photo management system,
  • ...

Tech notes

This web site is a slightly modified version of the sNews system. It will probably be modified a little more.


Q: Why not WordPress?
A: It's way too heavy.

That's all for now.

2010.10.05 03:39 in Site Info

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