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My flickr is p0wned!!!!11!!

I think that's the modern way of saying: The flickr account at is no longer mine! Somebody else may have full control over it, meaning access to all functions. I no longer have access to this account, and I have no way of getting it.

This is so, because I have taken the liberty of trying to log in to my (then) own account, from another computer than the one I used the last time I tried logging in. Yahoo, in all its wiseness, have decided that people usually use only one (1) computer, and never replace it or try another for any reason.

So, as soon as you log in (or, try) from a "new" computer, you will not be allowed access, not even if you know the user name and password. This blocks your account so that you can no longer use it.

To clear this error, Yahoo will send an email with a secret code, to the email address registered on the account. Yahoo, in all its wiseness, have decided that people usually use only one (1) email address, and never lose access to it for any reason.

If, like me, you no longer have access to the email address registered on your account (and no way of getting it) - Yahoo will send the abovementioned secret code to the person(s) that currently have control over the email address that once was yours.

So, Yahoo is effetively giving your account away to somebody else. This happened to me. Thanks Yahoo.

I recommend that you avoid using Yahoo services, as they are clearly not thoroughly thought out, as to protect innocent web users. In other words, their services are potentially harmful.

Oh, and stay away from Google too, just for peace of mind, and a little privacy. The same can be said about Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, and just about every other large or halfway large firm in the internet industry./p>

2015.07.05 22:16


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