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I need a photo host - can you help?

I need a photo host to store a double-digit number of gigabytes worth of photos. I will pay. I am looking to establish a business relationship lasting years, literally. Likely at least a decade.

As for the photos, there will be no porn, no funny stuff, no video and most likely no single photo will ever achieve a "high bandwith" designation, as the photo topics are all somewhat special interest, eg. the type of photos found on this web site.

I need a very basic interface for my own use akin to a File Manager or FTP. Basically just folders and files. No fancy "user interface" is required, so no AJAX/JS interfaces, and no interface components in Flash, please.

Also, the image host web site is not intended to be a destination web site that competes with my own web sites. I prefer a host that respects my privacy as well as that of my visitors, and a host that does not harass me (or my web site visitors).

Specifically, I do not want a host using third-party services/tracking/javascripts, "social" media, ads, video, sound, or other obstacles.

Just to clarify...

I want to buy a hosting service from some company, say "Company A". When doing so, any other company (be it "Company B", "Company C", or whatever) should be completely barred from any participation in that transaction. Some random javascript that is hosted externally -- even if hosted on "secure" Google servers -- is nothing but a security risk! I do not want that. Google and others have no right to snoop around in my business transactions. Specifically: My use of any internet site is a matter between me and the site in question. No third parties, please.

Of course I don't need a host that will try to make money on my images by selling calendars, posters, etc featuring my images. These kind of products are nice only if I choose to offer them to my visitors. A host that tries to sell my photos against my wish is in fact a thief.

I want to be able to display my hosted photos anywhere in full size ("hotlink"), and I want to have full control over all sensitive personal information and all my photos, including the option to delete anything I want at any time I want, permanently and instantly, as well as the option to cancel my subscription and delete my full account without being forced to, say, "confirm" by using a fully functional email address that the company can later use for marketing or resale (yes, these things happen).

And, of course: No 2FA! I should never need to give/publish my cell phone number in order to log in to some web site! I will pay all bills, so please don't harass me! Especially as I will actually be a customer!

Oh, and relatively cheap. I am poor but I want to pay, as "free services" are just too expensive in terms of frustrations, poor security, bad UI/UX, and privacy infringements. I prefer a "fixed fee". I do not want to have fluctuating costs as I need to be able to plan my payments.

Last, I prefer business with companies from Geographical Europe (Europe includes eg Russia, while artificial constructs such as "EU" do not), only I do not trust that firms from the UK are really allowed to offer the slightest bit of privacy, so I want no business there, and no data storage there (including Ireland).


I just need a basic and honest image storage service for some gigabytes of non-controversial, and low-bandwith photos, that's all.

I'm extremely puzzled that such a service seems very hard to find. Can you help? Please comment below. Thanks.

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